September 20 - 28, 2024

Juicing Cleanse

Woman in white shirts and brown pants stands in a forest with her arms stretched up to the sky

Ready to feel amazing?

Primarily, it is our choices that create the life we get to experience. Having clean energy fueling our body combined with a clear, steady mind can bring us to wise decision-making and inner freedom.

This nine-day, carefully supervised program is designed to help purify and balance the whole body, mind and spirit. Through purification, we give our digestive system time to rest and concentrate the body's energy this creates on a powerful revitalizing, cleansing and renewing process.

Our program at Gray Bear has at it’s core an aim to inspire. We find inspiration individually and together. As we maximize lightness, we create space.

Together we cultivate a renewal of will-power, polish our perspective, recharge our entire being, refocus our life priorities and have a great time doing it; we find these results speak for themselves. We combine the time-honored beneficial traditions of fasting with current techniques to create a fantastic experience.We do hope you can join us...

Program Elements Include:

  • instruction in the science of purification;
  • understanding detoxification and safely beginning and ending a fast
  • fresh organic juices
  • daily walk, yoga, meditation, breath work, quiet time and relaxation
  • massage/bodywork sessions
  • strong supportive environment; group participation, distraction free setting
  • exploring conscious eating
  • opportunity to take responsibility for and actively participate in improving your health
  • understanding our relationship to food, nutritional tips to help balance cravings
  • creating a new guideline to eat for longevity and vitality
  • time to enjoy the lightness, renewed energy and clarity fasting brings
  • sauna, hot tub, massage & bodywork
  • small group size and a professional, attentive staff combine to meet individual needs

Scheduling this retreat allows all of us to place our own own Health & Wellness as first priority. Where we put our attention in life; this is what thrives.

With Vibrant health as our focus: Wellness thrives. You will simply be amazed at how fantastic you feel!

Program cost is $2195. Due to limited enrollment size; full payment is preferred, however a $600 non-refundable deposit may be mailed to secure your space. * Price includes tuition, all lectures/activities, group hike, daily yoga class, juice-meals, private lodging, three bodywork sessions and full use of facilities. A limited number of private cabins may be available for upgrade; please inquire if interested. All balances are due upon registration. MC/Visa, Venmo, PayPal, Check accepted. Gray Bear Lodge, PO Box 682 Hohenwald, TN 38462. Confirmation letter and additional information (including directions to Gray Bear) will be sent following registration . Payment plan option offered if needed; please inquire.

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We'll begin with guests arriving Friday (4-6pm arrival). Dinner is served at 6:00pm; followed by orientation and opening circle. We finish our retreat on Saturday with closing circle, lunch, and checkout at 11:00am. (*) Gray Bear is a two hour drive from the Nashville airport, so please plan arrival time/ departure time with this in mind.

This workshop is not for those with serious health conditions. Each person must be willing and able to participate in activities (Daily walks in a rolling hills environment, movement class, lectures). Even though a temporary benefit of this program may include weight loss, our focus is on wellness and whole health integration.

Gray Bear is home to 400 acres of rolling hills, thick forest, natural springs, and even a waterfall. You can experience the wonders of nature while sitting in a hand-built wood fire sauna; hear the silence of nature's symphony lying on a hammock while curled under a blanket; and revel in clear air and water while using shower outdoors.

With all of this nature we have some suggestions to consider when packing:

  • Working flashlight gets dark with only the light of the stars to guide you!
  • A bathing suit ... good for the hot tub, sauna, and Watsu massage pool
  • Water bottle ...Gray Bear does not use disposable cups. Purified water is available in the Main House and the Yoga Room
  • A bath robe/sarong
  • House slippers or socks to wear indoors shoes inside please
  • Comfortable walking shoes/sandals for an inspired nature hike
  • Warm clothing ...mornings & evenings can be cool
  • Comfortable clothes for exercising/yoga

Please do not bring any drugs, alcohol, or pets. Gray Bear is a non-smoking, pet-free and alcohol-free facility.

Read more about Gray Bear.

Workshop Sign-up Form

Questions: call 615-782-0469