Reclaiming Snake Healing Power & Wisdom: Qigong Moving Meditations for Strength, Suppleness, & Resilient Energy

With Ken Cohen

At Gray Bear Lodge

April 8-13, 2025

Learn the rare and powerful snake qigong from ancient China. These gentle movements teach you how to become supple, relaxed, and flowing like the snake, filled with resilient life energy. In Taoism, of all the animals, the snake most clearly represents qi, the breath of life, in the body, on the earth, and in the heavens. Close to the ground, the snake knows the healing power of herbal medicine. But when the snake flies, he/she becomes the dragon, whose voice and dynamic energy manifests in thunder and lightning.

Snake symbolism is universal. Snakes were the sacred guardians of the ancient Greek temples of healing; or consider the yoga of the coiled serpent (kundalini) that awakens higher consciousness. Snakes are humanity’s ancient teachers of healing, renewal, and wisdom. This intensive course includes gentle movement, meditation, and discussion. You will learn all eight snake walking methods to improve posture, coordination, and flow and snake breathing to dissolve stagnation and increase vitality. Most importantly, snake qigong is a path to inner harmony and deep communion with our Mother Earth.

Ken Cohen is a renowned qigong and Tai Chi grandmaster with more than 50 years’ experience. The first person to teach qigong in North American medical schools, Ken is the author of The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing (Random House) and numerous other works in both Chinese and English. In 2004, Ken won the International Lifetime Achievement Award in Energy Medicine.


“I can honestly say that the floodgates of qi opened for the first time and it has been an experience without words.”
--M.W. student

“I am the student with Parkinson’s from the recent workshop. I want to tell you that I have been significantly better since the weekend. My movements are easier and quicker. I feel well, rather than ill, and have more energy!”
--R.L. nurse

“For five years I have been seeing blood specialists because of an extremely low WBC (white blood cell count). Yesterday I went for my six-month check-up. I could hardly believe it when the doctor told me that my WBC was normal! The improvement is not just a little, but substantial. The main thing that was different was that I have been consistently doing qigong. What else could explain this? I am so grateful and happy. Thank you.”
--S.J. psychotherapist

“Thanks to your qigong instruction, my post-polio syndrome is under control. For the first time in thirty years, I am able to walk free of pain. There are no words to express my gratitude.”
—M.G. retired Spanish teacher

“Without actually being in Ken Cohen’s presence, it would be very hard to believe that an American could have such profound and detailed understanding of traditional Chinese culture. His Qigong movements express true mastery and a deep cultivation of the spirit of China. Professor Kenneth Cohen’s dissemination of Chinese culture to the Western World is an enormous work and a glorious achievement.”
– Tu Xinshi, Editor-in-Chief, Chinese American Post

“Ken Cohen is a rare combination of expert practitioner, gifted scholar, and lucid writer. He manages to convey not only the techniques of qigong, but the wisdom of qigong. His work nourishes the clinician, the scientist, and, most importantly, the average individual looking for practical ways to enhance life and health.”
--Elmer Green, Ph.D., author BEYOND BIOFEEDBACK

Workshop Sign-up Form

Workshop discounted at $1295 if paid in full by March 15th. Space is consciously limited. Price includes tuition, lodging, meals and full use of facilities. Pay via Paypal, Venmo, check or credit card accepted. Following registration, confirmation letter and additional information (including directions to Gray Bear) will be sent.

Workshop Sign-up Form

We'll begin with guests arriving after lunch (2-6pm arrival) on Tuesday, April 9th. Dinner is at 6:00pm, Orientation & opening circle follow. Sunday the 1st, finishes with closing circle, lunch, and checkout is at 2:00pm. (*) Gray Bear is a two hour drive from the airport, so please plan arrival time/ departure time with this in mind.

Limited Capacity:
Workshops will be limited to 30% of our regular capacity, allowing approximately 12-15 participants per workshop. Priority will be given to couples or duets who have quarantined together, or in a pod, and would like to share a cabin. Space is very limited, early registration is highly recommended. Price will be based on private cabin. Those wishing to share the cost of a cabin, can do so. Those wishing to pitch a tent: some retreats will have an option to do so; please email Adam for details. Write “ Tent options” in the subject line and the retreat you are interested in attending.

Confirmation letter and additional information (including directions to Gray Bear) will be sent. Listed price is for shared occupancy in the main lodge (upgrades to private cabins are available; please inquire).

Gray Bear is home to 400 acres of rolling hills, thick forest, natural springs, and even a waterfall. You can experience the wonders of nature while sitting in a hand-built wood fire sauna; hear the silence of nature's symphony lying on a hammock while curled under a blanket; and revel in clear air and water while using shower outdoors.

With all of this nature we have some suggestions to consider when packing:

  • Working flashlight gets dark with only the light of the stars to guide you!
  • A bathing suit ... good for the hot tub, sauna, and Watsu massage pool
  • Water bottle ...Gray Bear does not use disposable cups. Purified water is available in the Main House and the Yoga Room
  • A bath robe/sarong
  • House slippers or socks to wear indoors shoes inside please
  • Comfortable walking shoes/sandals for an inspired nature hike
  • Warm clothing ...mornings & evenings can be cool
  • Comfortable clothes for exercising/yoga

Please do not bring any drugs, alcohol, or pets. Gray Bear is a non-smoking, pet-free and alcohol-free facility.

Read more about Gray Bear.

Workshop Sign-up Form