October 22 - 27, 2024

"Not Two, Not One A week of yoga in nature"

with Chris Coniaris and Kevin Plyer


Yoga tradition is thousands of years old.  The techniqueswere designed to bring purification and balance to the practitioner.  To ripen the Yogi for deep meditative states. Are we in the same situation as the ancient yogi.  Do we have the same needs?  Do the same exact techniques benefit us today?

We will study and practice Yoga in multiple forms.  Hatha, Raja, Karma, Bhakti and Jnana are all paths of yoga that can lead to the goal.  We will see that yoga is a natural process that can prepare humans for the ultimate joy contained within each of us. During our retreat we will use yoga, music and our surroundings as gateways to achieve full experience. Not two, not one.

Full retreat begins Tuesday, October 22 - 27, weekend only option begins Thursday, October 24 - 27. See Registration below for more details.

Open to all levels; all are encouraged to attend. Some expertience in meditation is helpful, but not required.

Full retreat: Tuesday-Sunday discounted at $1125 per person.

Weekend only: As space permits (priority given to those attending full event) Thursday - Sunday $745.

Space is consciously limited. To reserve your place please register by sending your full payment to: Gray Bear Lodge, PO Box 682, Hohenwald, TN 38462. Price includes tuition, lodging, meals and full use of facilities. Confirmation letter and additional information (including directions to Gray Bear) will be sent.

Workshop Sign-up Form

We’ll begin with guests arriving Tuesday 24th between 4 to 6. Dinner served at 6:15; followed by orientation and opening circle. We finish our retreat on Sunday with brunch ; checkout at 11:00. (*) Gray Bear is a two hour drive from the Nashville airport, so please plan arrival time/ departure time with this in mind.

For Thursday 26th arrival: Please plan 1:00- 4 arrival on Thursday, class at 4:15.

Chris has been a yoga teacher for 25 years with over 40 years of meditation and 30 years of hatha yoga experience.  Chris masterfully weaves philosophy and yogic psychology into his passionate lectures. He is a champion for any student to experience the full potential of yoga's ability to awaken human nature from habitual patterns to vibrant living. His classes emphasize the importance of breathing in hatha yoga and he skillfully teaches pranayama and meditation to all levels. 

Chris is a nomadic yoga teacher.  Often traveling the USA in his van teaching small groups.  Staying for a day or a few months and returning periodically.  Chris loves to enjoy outdoor activities and connect sincerely with his students/friends.  His concise, practical explanations and enthusiasm inspire students to deepen their own yoga experience. His lifelong interest in philosophy, the outdoors, and athletics influence his teaching. He has taught in Oregon's State Correctional Institutions over many years.

Gray Bear is home to 400 acres of rolling hills, thick forest, natural springs, and even a waterfall. You can experience the wonders of nature while sitting in a hand-built wood fire sauna; hear the silence of nature's symphony lying on a hammock while curled under a blanket; and revel in clear air and water while using shower outdoors.

With all of this nature we have some suggestions to consider when packing:

  • Working flashlight ...it gets dark with only the light of the stars to guide you!
  • A bathing suit ... good for the hot tub, sauna, and Watsu massage pool
  • Water bottle ...Gray Bear does not use disposable cups. Purified water is available in the Main House and the Yoga Room
  • A bath robe/sarong
  • House slippers or socks to wear indoors ...no shoes inside please
  • Comfortable walking shoes/sandals for an inspired nature hike
  • Warm clothing ...mornings & evenings can be cool
  • Comfortable clothes for exercising/yoga

Please do not bring any drugs, alcohol, or pets. Gray Bear is a non-smoking, pet-free and alcohol-free facility.

Read more about Gray Bear.