Gray Bear Current Protocols


Current Protocols & Credit/Refund Policy

Limited Capacity: Workshops will be limited to 30% of our regular capacity, allowing approximately 12-18 participants per retreat . This is reduced from our 35-40 normal capacity. Priority will be given to couples or duets who have quarantined together, or in a pod, and would like to share a cabin. Space is very limited, early registration is highly recommended. Bringing a tent to camp can also be an option.


  • Confirm you are healthy, have been mindfully cautious, and have not been exposed to anyone symptomatic. Persons with flu-like symptoms or a recorded temperature over 100 will be asked to reschedule their visit.
  • Check your temperature daily for several days before your retreat. Email Gray Bear the day before arrival to confirm several days/a week of normal temp range.
  • Depending on current regional trends, a negative COVID test may be requested before entry. All guests are encouraged to take a test 3 days before your retreat begins.
  • Confirm your sense of smell by consciously pausing to note a specific smell you can register.
  • Take extra precautions while traveling to Gray Bear to minimize the risk of exposure.
  • Bring your own masks, yoga mat, and water bottle.


  • Currently, in lieu of hugs and handshakes, staff will offer no-touch namaste greetings to guests and other staff. We miss hugging our dear friends. However, if current reality is best-practice to honor life by holding gentle space; we are in. When the tide turns, we all know we will never take hugs for granted again.
  • Liberally wash your hands. An outdoor hand-washing station has been installed for your convenience.
  • Most time will be spent outdoors, but wearing masks inside the Lodge is kindly requested.
  • Guests have the option of enjoying meals at the newly renovated open-air outdoor dining area or in our tropical dining space. Tables are arranged six feet apart.
  • Vaccinations

    A shift in our culture is happening. Vaccinations are strongly encouraged as many spaces appear to now require them as standard practice. Gray Bear is watching; we may well follow this practice. We will enquire as to your current status. We are hopeful that in April, vaccinated guests who wish to share a space in our main lodge can once again do so.


    2020 Current Policy: The following policy will be in place until after we have cleared our national Covid hurtle. We understand that cancellations happen; life happens. Gray Bear’s policy is designed with flexibility and steadiness in mind. More...

    Alternatively, you may transfer your full reservation to another qualifying individual, upon approval. A transfer of registration needs to be arranged with the Gray Bear office prior to the retreat.