Our Spring Season is Happening! COVID Updates

Greetings friends,

Our season was wonderful for which we are grateful. AS the spring progresses, we will adapt as well. It is our hope that with the addition of vaccinations we will be able to offer a few more spaces.

We have our Updates from this past Fall listed below.

As we navigate the challenges of a global pandemic, we remain in awe of the healing capacity of nature, fresh air and human connection. Our entire society and planet is adapting; pivoting to accommodate the uncertainty of how to evolve forward. Many things have become abundantly clear: we need steadiness and ample amounts of time outdoors in pristine air. Gray Bear, this land, our ways are honored to provide a solid anchor rooted to kindness, civility and clarity. We are steady. With your support, for which we are continuously grateful, we will be here for you. A sweet walk to our waterfall, wonderful meals served on our outdoor patio, a heart-opening yoga class taught on your deck behind the dome and mindfully visiting with kind friends connecting at this moment in time; this is Gray Bear.

While we know that what we offer is more vital now than ever, it took deep and careful consideration to decide to remain open for our fall season. We have taken our late spring and summer to host small, socially distanced retreats adapted to the current reality. We are pleased to say; they have been an absolute success! To accommodate the circumstances into the foreseeable future we have chosen to offer workshops with a limited capacity, and have updated our policies and procedures regarding deposits, cancellations and refunds. Please see the updated policies and procedures below.

We spent our “down time” completing a lovely outdoor dining area that is comfortable and inviting. Our guests have all loved it. Thank you for 25 years of gathering together in community, learning new ways and healing that which binds us. We are grateful to remain in service to you and, as always, look forward to sharing this beautiful space with you.

Limited Capacity:

Workshops will be limited to 30% of our regular capacity, allowing approximately 12-15 participants per workshop. Priority will be given to couples or duets who have quarantined together, or in a pod, and would like to share a cabin. Space is very limited, early registration is highly recommended. Bringing a tent to camp will also be an option this fall.

Cancellations/ Refund/ Credit Policy:

We understand that cancellations happen, life happens. Should you need to cancel for any reason a deposit/portion will be non-refundable and the remaining balance of your registration will be credited to a future retreat. The balance of your registration will remain available for two years from the date of the cancelled workshop. This will ensure your place to attend. Alternatively, you may transfer your reservation to another qualifying individual, upon approval. A transfer of registration would need to be arranged with the lodge prior to the retreat. GB will invest substantially in cleaning of campus, room preparation , pre-retreat purchase of perishable food from our local providers and the hiring of staff.

Non-refundable deposits/ portions of full registration are as follows:

  • Retreats $500 or less $150 non-refundable portion
  • Retreats $500-$1000 $250 non-refundable portion
  • Retreats $1000 or more will retain a 30% non-refundable portion

What we ask before arrival and during time here (*)

These polices will be in place until we have cleared our COVID hurtle. Normally we have a six weeks/two weeks policy. b/c current circumstances demand an almost daily change of plans and necessary flexibility....for our society as a whole, an unforeseen possible covid exposure or suspected illness, may mean a last minute need to safely quarantine. Anyone waking with a cough, a slight fever, allergies; for the sake of our greater community’s health: we do ask you to please rest at home. This need is of utmost priority for all of us and creates a logistical impossibility. Our policy is designed to protect everyone’s interests as well as their health while providing assurance for both our guests attending and those who need to transfer credit to attend at a future time. Thank you so much for your understanding.

COVID Pre-Retreat and during:

  • Each person/couple will have their own private cabin.
  • Adam will be doing table massage in our open air Nellie’s Nest above our stream.

The following points are how we are addressing health & safety during the pandemic for our retreat weekend to go well and ensure respect for COVID safety standards.

(*) GB will have two medical staff present during retreats. We are actively seeking a fast, reliable , test that could be a game changer. If this develops, we will implement.

(*) Any guests who are willing to take a test before attending a retreat; this is tremendously supportive for us all. For longer retreats, GB will reach out to each guest to consider taking a test.

For you to do / Coming to GB:

  1. Check your temperature daily this week. Please send Adam an email check in before coming (ideally Thursday) to confirm a week of normal temp range.
  2. Confirm that your sense of smell is working normally by consciously pausing to note a specific smell you can register.
  3. Confirm that you are healthy and have not been around anyone who has shown symptoms of colds, virus, or flu. We have confirmed that each person arriving has been wearing a mask while out/if out at all and have been mindfully cautious during quarantine.
  4. Take extra precautions while traveling to Gray Bear to eliminate or minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19.
  5. Liberally wash your hands. We know you know... GB has installed a new outdoor hand washing station.
  6. Bring your own masks. Because we will be spending so much of our time outdoors, masks will not often be needed. However, please do bring your own mask or two. If we come into the lodge to visit, we will ask each person to wear a mask in kind consideration of each other.
  7. Bring your own yoga mat.

We thank you for your support; our local businesses need our local kind souls to gather.